The Chatelet

The Chatelet (dungeon) was built in front of the north external front of Belle-Chaise, on which it leans without joining, leaving between this front and the south one an empty space, a large machicolation protecting the northen door, which has become the second inward door since the Chatelet has been constructed

The Dormitory

At the same time that he finished the Knights’ Hall, Thomas des Chambres ordered the building of the Dormitory which he finished before his death, about 1225. The Dormitory is a large Hall erected above the Refectory of which it has the same general dimensions; but, instead of being, as the latter, vaulted with stones and divided into two parts, itContinue reading “The Dormitory”

The Guard Room

After penetrating into the Barbican which protects the first gate and entering the Abbey by the fortified staircase under the Ghâtelet — an important point which we shall describe later on — we come to the Guard Room.

The Town Of Mont Saint Michel

The origin of the village or rather, according to tradition, of the town of Mont Saint-Michel, is very old, if we believe the chroniclers, who tell this it was in the tenth century, as we have seen in the historical notice. The small borough had the same destiny as the Monastery at the foot of which its housesContinue reading “The Town Of Mont Saint Michel”