What is the name of the Uechtritz chateau in Normandy?

Mont Saint Michel is not the only castle in Normandy. There are hundreds of them. Some are used as private housing, some others are museums, finally, some are Airbnbs or a mix of all 3. Today, we’ll gonna talk about one very beautiful castle currently being restored. Annie Uechtritz is restoring with her husband aContinue reading “What is the name of the Uechtritz chateau in Normandy?”

How did the builders attach the statue on the top of the Mont Saint Michel ?

Cathedrals are usually more than 50 m high. To carry the stones and beams and statues, the medieval builders would have been happy to use internal combustion engines or electric power. They had to make do with their own strength.

The Chatelet

The Chatelet (dungeon) was built in front of the north external front of Belle-Chaise, on which it leans without joining, leaving between this front and the south one an empty space, a large machicolation protecting the northen door, which has become the second inward door since the Chatelet has been constructed

The Knights’ Hall

The hall called Knights’ hall was begun in 1215 by Robert des Isles who died in 1218. Thomas des Chambres who succeeded him, finished it about 1220. It was called Knights’ hall only after the institution of the Order of Saint-Michel, established by Louis XI in 1469 ; it was used before as the Hall of the general assemblies or as that of the Chapter of the Abbey. 

The Merveille

In order to keep an exact remembrance of the Merveille, it is necessary to visit in the following order the two distinct buildings of which it is composed: from the court of the Merveille the visitor enters by the Porch and the Gate which opens at the foot of the tower of the Gorbins he will see the Almonry and theContinue reading “The Merveille”