What did Fiske Kimball have to do with Louis XV furniture?

Sidney Fiske Kimball was one of the most important figures in American architecture and architectural preservation. As director of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, he oversaw the construction of its current building and expanded its collections significantly. He also played a leading role in the restoration of Monticello and Stratford Hall Plantation in Virginia. TheContinue reading “What did Fiske Kimball have to do with Louis XV furniture?”

The AI writes about the Mont Saint Michel

We just discovered that an AI, more precisely the very first newspaper entirely generated by an AI wrote about the Mont Saint Michel. As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to evolve, so too does its ability to generate human-like content. One area where AI is particularly adept is in the realm of travel writing. We’ve allContinue reading “The AI writes about the Mont Saint Michel”

How The Mont Saint Michel was controlled by the Vikings and Normand dukes.

In 933, the dukes of Normandy ceded the Cotentin Peninsula to the Viking Rollo and his descendants. The Mont Saint Michel Abbey, located on the peninsula, was subsequently controlled by Benedictine monks from Fontenelle.

Construction of the Mont Saint Michel from 1600 to 1900.

The new inhabitants of Mont Saint-Michel kept the buildings from going to ruin but they do not seem to have taken any great care to keep them intact. In 1627, they built a windmill on the bastion Gabriel and made many interior changes. Many marks of their dissensions are unfortunately visible and but few of their works are to be found now. 

History of Mont Saint Michel from 1200 to 1400

The Merveille was begun in 1203 by Jourdain XVII abbot, 1191 to 1212; he built the room of the Almonry, the Cellar, and began the Refectory above the Almonry which Raoul des Isles finished from 1212 to 1218.