What is the name of the Uechtritz chateau in Normandy?

photo of mansion under cloudy sky

Mont Saint Michel is not the only castle in Normandy. There are hundreds of them. Some are used as private housing, some others are museums, finally, some are Airbnbs or a mix of all 3.

Today, we’ll gonna talk about one very beautiful castle currently being restored.

Annie Uechtritz is restoring with her husband a beautiful castle in Normandy, France. You can follow her on Instagram.

But there is a recurring question, she is not answering on Instagram, where the castle she’s restoring is located?

It’s located in a small town, Saint-Georges-Motel in Normandy, France.

You can actually see the shape of the castle and its beautiful surrounding on this map. Can you spot it?

Let’s see how beautiful it is:

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