What did Fiske Kimball have to do with Louis XV furniture?

Sidney Fiske Kimball was one of the most important figures in American architecture and architectural preservation. As director of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, he oversaw the construction of its current building and expanded its collections significantly. He also played a leading role in the restoration of Monticello and Stratford Hall Plantation in Virginia.

The Louis XV style is initially a characteristic style of seating, which then influenced all the arts of its time. This style which draws part of its inspiration from nature is characterized by its lightness and a search for intimacy and comfort. Succeeding the Regency style, the Louis XV style developed mainly in the second quarter of the eighteenth century (1723-1750).

Many works refer to this style as rocaille or rococo, especially when it comes to completing interior decoration projects by ornamentalists.

So here it is!

Fiske Kimball actually wrote an entire book about Rococo:

The Creation of The Rococo, you can download the PDF here.

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