The AI writes about the Mont Saint Michel

We just discovered that an AI, more precisely the very first newspaper entirely generated by an AI wrote about the Mont Saint Michel.

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to evolve, so too does its ability to generate human-like content. One area where AI is particularly adept is in the realm of travel writing. We’ve all come across those cookie-cutter descriptions of tourist traps masquerading as “articles” written by who-knows-who and designed to lure us in with promises of an unforgettable experience.

Well, forget all that. AI is capable of much more sophisticated travel writing than that. In fact, AI generated travel blogs are already starting to pop up all over the internet, and they’re actually pretty darn good.

So what makes a good AI generated travel blog?

Just like any good piece of writing, it needs to be well researched, well written, and engaging. But beyond that, there are a few key things that make for a truly great AI generated travel blog.

First, it needs to have a strong voice.

A good AI generated travel blog should read like it was written by a real person with something to say. It shouldn’t be stiff or formal; rather, it should sound like someone you’d actually want to chat with over a beer about their latest adventure. Second, it needs to be interesting.

A good AI generated travel blog should be chock full of fascinating facts and stories about the places it covers. It should make you want to learn more about the destination and maybe even plan a trip there yourself!

Finally, it needs to be readable.

A good AI generated travel blog should be easy on the eyes and easy to read. No one wants to slog through a wall of text, so concise, punchy writing is key. And if all else fails, at least make sure the pictures are nice!

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