Who exactly was Saint Michel?

Guys if you don’t know who the fuck was Saint Michel, this article is for you !

So basically Michel aka Michael, was no just a simple man who became one of the 10.000 saints out there. It’s fucking Archange! A super power angel, the hulk of angels. There is only 3 of them!

And you know what ? It’s also one for the Jews and Muslims. So really, a cool guy. Wait, it gets better.

I don’t know how, but this guy, became kind of boss of all chivalry (you know rich guys riding powerful horses. They would have millions of followers now days). So people decided he would also be the patron of all policemen and soldiers. Dindooongg all those deaths in WW2 — you know who to blame…. George Floyd ? Same guy.

Michael L'Archange Saints - Photo gratuite sur Pixabay

Later, a group of fishermen in 8th century, ate some magic mushrooms and was fucking high for at least 2 days. In order to avoid being beatten up their wives for letting them worry alone in the village, they invented a story, where Archange Michael came to them on the rock-mountain nearby (where, by the way, are also found the most delicious magic mushrooms of all Normandy, a fact known by all fishermen around, and myself). So since then, Archange Michael became also patron of mariners and gave his name to the mount. The one I’m talking about in this blog. To be honest nobody really reads it. If you do, gosh thank you man. It’s like 0:27AM and I writing this stupid lines, hoping that somebody will read them. So thanks !

Back to Michael.

So actually the guy, was not really cool towards us. Really, actually we could easily compare Archange Michael to Hitler. If Hitler wanted to kill all the jews, well, listen what Michael did…

He created a secret society with a band of other angels and started to foment against god. Yeah baby. And when God decided to create humans, he kind of was against that and questioned God’s decision. This guy have balls. Unlike you, who are still reading this shit.

As it seems, there is no Instagram up there, that’s why we have only two depictions of Michael. One is where he’s trying to make a BBQ of a living snake. Alcohol use is life abuse….

Michel (archange) — Wikipédia

The other is where he holds a pair of scales in which he weighs the souls of the dead. So not only he didn’t want men on earth, but once dead, you gonna be weighted like potatoes on a farmer’s market by him.

Pin on Angels

Michael, you were a fucking moron. Shame on you Michael.

2 thoughts on “Who exactly was Saint Michel?

  1. You are a horrible writer, stop trying to sound “hip”. It reads like a sixth grader doing a book report.
    Maybe stop writing after midnight?
    In the future, you shouldn’t mention your readers don’t have balls either.
    One last thing, stop comparing people to Hitler.
    I’m surprised your editor let this one pass..it’s garbage

    1. Dear Michael, thank you for your precious advice. Indeed, I’ve written that post totally high and after midnight. But to be honest I never thought there will be a lonely soul to read it! I’m never sure if my readers have balls, I don’t even knew I had readers 😀 Don’t be so angry about my writings, look I can be boring too: https://whatismontsaintmichel.com/2021/04/20/mont-saint-michel-from-1300-to-1600/

      I have no editor because I’m poor but I love Saint Michel so much. I will try to talk about his balls soon. I’ll notify as soon as my high writing will be ready.

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