How far is Mont Saint Michel from the Normandy?

Situated on the border, Mont-Saint-Michel is a coveted monastery, disputed since the 10th century between the dukes of Brittany and Normandy. The Normans finally won, but the Bretons were able to control the place for some time.

Flag of the region of Normandy
Normandy Flag

The ownership of Mont-Saint-Michel still fuels the bickering between the Bretons and the Normans. The latest episode in March 2018: embarrassed by the poor condition of the European flag that flies at the entrance of his village, the mayor of Mont-Saint-Michel replaces it with a Breton flag. His gesture triggers a storm: emails of protest, phone calls from angry Normans. The black and white flag was flown less than two weeks before the mayor, under pressure, put the European flag back.

Flag of Brittany
Flag of Brittany

So to sum up : Mont Saint Michel is inside Normandy, at it’s extreme west border.

Distance from Paris to Mont Saint Michel : 358 km (by car)

Distance from Saint Malo to Mont Saint Michel : 55 km (by car)

Distance from Rouen to Mont Saint Michel : 252 km (by car)

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